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Our courses:

1 day course - £95

Perfect for hosting you own cocktail party!

  • Learn Bar set up
  • Learn and practice making 10 cocktails including garnishes
  • Cocktail tasting 10am - 5pm


One Week Course - £250

The Basics of Bartending! As a one-week course, The Basics of Bartending is a small start to the big Bartending industry. Throughout the week you will learn in a fast paced environment how to:

  • Create over 35 classic cocktails and a few demonstrated tastings
  • Free pour with one bottle accurately
  • And gain spirit knowledge of malt whisky’s and scotches

Ideal for those who wish to bartend their own Private parties at home for friends or seeking a job in standard Bars and Pubs.


Two Week Course - £500

Becoming Cocktail Bartenders! The two-week course is a taster of life as a serious bartender. A more in-depth course than the Basics of Bartending that covers:

  • Production of 70 cocktails
  • Multi bottle free pouring techniques incorporated into making cocktails Spirit knowledge of all standard spirits: Scotch, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila and Brandy.
  • And more practice behind the bar along with tastings


Four Week Course - £750

The 4 Week course, the Bartending Boot Camp! An intensive and highly driven Bartending course that results in skilled, professional and ready for work Cocktail Bartenders. The Boot Camp course includes:

  • Speed tests and races
  • Multi bottle free pouring while creating cocktails
  • Working Flair behind the bar
  • Over 100 cocktails taught
  • Knowledge and tastings of spirits, liqueurs and cocktails
  • Role-play scenarios, as a Bar back, Waiter and Cocktail Bartender
  • Preparation of mixes and fruit during bar set up
  • Serving multiple orders in a high pressure environment

Additionally, you will learn how to set up, run and break down your own bar! Our friendly and experienced staff will also share their tricks of the trade on what to do during lull periods and behavior behind the bar.!

For the conquerors of The 4 Week Course Bas Bartending School will personally organize your interviews at bars of your choice.


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4 Week Course

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