4 Week Course Outlines

Four Week Course

A tried and tested procedure that has been producing Cocktail Bartenders for generations. £750.00

Practice makes perfect

Bas Bartending School acknowledges that employers want bartenders who are knowledgeable and capable of producing drinks in a fast and efficient manner. The only way to learn is with practice!

Students spend 90% of their time behind the bar so they can receive as much practice as possible during their 4 Week Course.

Notes for the theoretical side of the industry covering; Spirit knowledge, Glassware, Bar back layouts, Production along with Cocktail Specs (recipes) etc. are provided so that students can study outside the classroom.

How We Learn Over 100 Cocktails

The instructor demonstrates how to make each cocktail to the class with real spirits so the students can taste and discuss each individual drink.

The students then duplicate that drink behind the bar (not with real alcohol) while the instructor pays attention to the many details such as ingredients, equipment use, handling and the overall presentation of the cocktail and service.

Each student then remains behind the bar and produces a few rounds of cocktails as if they were in a real service. Each round contains orders of 2, 3 or even 5 different cocktails at a time to simulate busy periods in bars and help with memorising the cocktails. This technique is shown in the Video below.

We tend to focus on cocktails so only a few orders contain straight drinks such as Gin and Tonic.

Becoming Professional Cocktail Bartenders

It takes more than just knowing the cocktail recipes to make you a good bartender. There are many other qualities such as; speed, charm, flair, patience, an honest and helpful attitude plus Our 4 Week Course has several lectures, scenarios and races to help you prepare for that first crucial interview and more importantly get the job.

Once you have passed our 4 Week Course you will receive our recognised certificate of completion. You are then able to select the cocktail bars/ hotels/ nightclubs of your choice to work at and we will set up the job interviews when applicable.


30 Years of Producing Great Cocktail Bartenders