Our Course Works and So Will You!

Our 4 week course has been around since 1983 and it’s tried and tested procedure has been the cornerstone in bartending tuition and is the foundation of many other bartending schools. Over the years we have taught 1000s of students who have little or no experience in bartending and over 95% of them found placements in Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Cruise Ships all over the world.

Our goal is to help you find employment. Graduating from Bas Bartending School, our students are acknowledged as more than cocktail making machines; they are skilled, knowledgeable individuals with a passion for their trade. Once you have passed our 4 week course and received our recognised Diploma, we will go through your personal preferences in placements and help you achieve your ideal job.

Practice makes Perfect!

Our hands on practical courses are designed to develop proficient and competent cocktail bartenders. Working behind a fully equipped bar with 4 stations, students learn how to prepare shaken, blended, stirred and strained and frozen cocktails simultaneously in the correct manner and with charisma.

Free-pouring and working flair techniques are incorporated during practice on a daily basis throughout the course and are fundamental aspects to its completion.

We have classes NOT Seminars.

Working in a class of no more than 12, each student gets plenty of practice behind the bar and lots of attention from our teachers.